Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Sign Me Up Advertising:

1. How visible will my sign be?

The visibility of your sign will depend on the size, font, and color combinations used. All of these factors can affect the readability of your sign. Your local Sign Me Up Sign Shop will be able to assist you with creating a sign to best fit your needs.

2. Do I need laminate on my sign?

While it is not required to have laminate on your sign, it can help to enhance the look and extend the life of your sign. If your intended use is to put the sign outside, then we’d recommend laminating it to extend its lifespan.

3. Does Sign Me Up provide installation services?

Yes, Sign Me Up can handle all types of installations for signs. We can handle any vinyl, electrical, 3D sign that there is. There is nothing you will have to worry about when it comes to the installation of your sign. When you get your sign installed by a Sign Me Up Sign Shop, it is warrantied for 1 year.

4. How much will my sign cost?

As just about all signs are custom, this will depend entirely on what type of sign you want. In order to find a price for your sign, click on ‘Find a Location’ and visit your nearest Sign Me Up Sign Shop, or click on request a quote form and we can assign a location for you.

5. What are Sign Me Up’s store hours?

You can find your local Sign Me Up store hours by visiting the location’s website, and clicking on “contact”.

6. Do you make signs in standard sizes?

We can create signs of any size! We create signs in standard sizes and custom sizes.

7. How long will my sign last?

Sign Me Up offers a variety of sign materials and substrates when creating signs. The amount of time your sign will last will depend on if the material is meant for short or long-term use. We can also recommend which type of materials you should use based on your unique sign needs.

8. What colors will show up best on my sign?

Colors are very important when designing your sign. All Sign Me Up Sign Shops employ professional graphic designers to help you determine which colors should be used on your sign. Contact your local Sign Me Up Sign Shop to receive guidance from a designer who will ensure the colors used will have the best impact for your business or brand.

9. What file format can I use to send you a file?

We’ll want to make sure your sign is up to your standards, so it is important that you provide the logo as a vector file. You can save your logo or file as an .eps file for the highest quality reproduction. If your logo or file is vector artwork, it can also be provided as .eps, .ai or PDF file.

10. Can you use a digital image from my camera?

Yes, but please note that quality may suffer when enlarging digital images. Contact your local Sign Me Up Sign Shop to receive expert advice about what to incorporate in your sign.

11. Do you make business cards, flyers, and menus?

Yes! We pride ourselves on being a well-rounded, visual communication superstore. We offer many types of print and marketing materials. Your local Sign Me Up Sign Shop will help you with all of your printing needs. If you’d like to browse through some of our products, find your local store and click on “Shop in our store”.

12. What type of file and resolution do I need?

Images should be at least 100-150 dpi at full production size. This will depend on viewing distance for your sign.

13. How do I place an order?

Visit your local Sign Me Up Sign Shop to place an order for any of the many products we offer. If you have your artwork, and you are looking to place a quick order you may find your local store’s webstore helpful when facilitating a faster transaction.

14. Can Sign Me Up incorporate my logo into my design?

Yes. Your logo, photos, and other brand-related graphics can be used on our sign products. We recommend you provide us with the highest resolution graphic files so that your sign looks crisp.

15. What happens after I order my sign?

Each sign product goes through a unique workflow. Depending on the type of sign that was purchased, once you check out, your design is looked over by Sign Me Up’s expert designers to make sure it’s ready to go to the next stage of its workflow. We try to get your order into production within 24 hours of initial ordering. When it’s all done, our experts will give your sign another look to verify the quality, and then your sign is ready to be picked up, delivered, or installed!

16. Can I change an order?

If you would like to change your order, please call your local Sign Me Up shop immediately to see how far your project has gone into production. If your project is still in the early stages, we may be able to make changes, however we cannot guarantee that changes can be made to any orders that have already been placed.

17. How do I cancel an order?

Proposed change: Orders MUST be canceled within minutes of placing an order. Please contact us immediately after placing an order if you wish to cancel. Custom orders have a no-refund policy so we cannot guarantee your order can be canceled.

18. How long will it take to receive my order?

The length of time it can take to make a sign can vary depending on the complexity and materials that will be needed to create your sign. Sign Me Up sign experts will do everything they can to meet your deadlines and make sure that you are communicated with every step of the way throughout your order’s workflow. Visit a Sign Me Up store today to talk to one of our experts about your sign to receive a better idea about a projected timeline for your sign.

19. Do you have any advice for designing my sign?

All Sign Me Up Sign Shops employ an experienced designer to help you with any advice you may need when designing your sign. Our stores even have a unique “Design with You” experience that allows you to work directly with your designer on your project. This experience can be had either in any of our local Sign Me Up Sign Shops or you can make an appointment for a live online design session with your designer. If you’d like to design it yourself, you can also check out some of our blog posts on choosing color, fonts, and when to seek help and call in a professional.

20. How do I decide what my sign should say?

That depends on its intended use. Typically it’s best practice to keep your message short, sweet and to the point. That ensures it’s read, understood and most importantly, remembered.

21. How do I install or care for my sign?

To ensure that your sign will last, speak to your local Sign Me Up Sign Shop professional about the best way to care for your unique sign.

22. How do I get an estimate?

To get an estimate for your sign, please visit our website and click on “Get an Estimate.” You will have to fill out a few short questions, and someone will be in contact with you shortly. If you don’t like online forms, you can simply dial 844-455-7446, and you will be connected to the nearest Sign Me Up Store to help you.

23. Will I receive a proof of my sign?

Yes, every order that comes through our system must have artwork approved before going to the next phase of its workflow. Our system will send you a proof of your design so you can let us know if you would like to make any changes. We’d be happy to make as many changes as you’d like until you are 100% happy with your proof.

24. If I have special color matching needs, can Sign Me Up help?

Proposed Change: Yes, we can help with any of your color matching needs. Each store has special tools to match specific colors. If you need to match a paint color of a wall, or a car or truck, don’t worry. Sign Me Up has you covered.

25. Can Sign Me Up provide on-site consultations?

Of course, this is where hiring your local Sign Me Up Sign Shop really shines. Our experts are not just sign makers and designers. We’re branding experts with a strong focus on what works for any specific industry. Contact your local Sign Me Up Sign Shop to schedule an on-site consultation today. You can even make an appointment online by finding your local store and clicking on “Make an appointment.”

26. Do you only make signs?

It is our belief that the days of going to your typical sign shop for a sign are over. Technology has evolved so much and so has Sign Me Up. You will find Sign Me Up useful in just about any marketing category. Sure, we’re pros when it comes to signs, but let’s not forget about all the other visual categories. We specialize in commercial vehicle wraps, digital offset and full-color printing, website design and development, online marketing and lead generation, and brand consulting.

27. What kind of maintenance will my sign require?

Depending on the materials used to create your sign, signs may need to be cleaned over time, especially outdoor signage. Our experts will let you know how often your signage will need to be cleaned, and the best products to use to clean your signs.

28. What other products and services does Sign Me Up offer?

Sign Me Up offers many other products and services. We create signs and so much more, including but not limited to: printing and mailing products, menu boards, exhibits & displays, wall graphics, expo & info kiosks, pop-up displays, custom outdoor tents, vehicle wraps, banners and flags, and even websites, graphic design packages, social media development, and so much more.

29. How do you ensure quality with your products?

When it comes to ensuring the quality of our products, Sign Me Up’s experts create a specific plan to ensure your sign requirements are met. We will take all considerations into account to make sure your sign expectations will be not only met, but exceeded.

30. Can I use copyrighted images in my sign?

Yes, but you must receive permission from the copyright owner.

31. Can Sign Me Up create a logo for my business if I don’t have a logo?

Yes, we can design you a logo that will illustrate your brand’s identity. If you do currently have a logo that you are unhappy with, we can use your current logo and refresh your logo design.

32. If Sign Me Up creates my logo, do I own it?

You will own your logo once it is paid for. Once you own it, you may choose to get your logo copyrighted or trademarked. Sign Me Up can help you with that process as well.

33. What are some different types of exhibit displays?

Sign Me Up offers many different types of exhibit displays. Some of our most common exhibit displays include banner stands, pop-up displays, tents, digital display boards or kiosks, banners, flags, breeze barriers, sandwich signs, trade show displays, hanging signs, trade show booths, backdrop banners, and more!

34. Will my exhibit display be easy to set up?

Sign Me Up’s exhibit displays are created to be easy to set up. While we have many different types of exhibit displays, they are all made to be easy to use. Call or visit your local Sign Me Up to discuss exhibit displays with one of our experts.

35. How durable are outdoor banners?

The specific materials that Sign Me Up uses for banners are extremely durable and should increase the longevity of your banner. We currently offer 13oz, 18oz and 20oz as well as mesh banners that will cater to almost every need. Consult with your local Sign Me Up shop to discuss the location of your banner, and if a banner is the best option for your business.

36. Can Sign Me Up create a special size banner?

Sign Me Up’s banners can be produced in any size or shape, small or large. They can be used as a temporary sign or a more permanent sign. Either way, our Sign Me Up Sign Shop Professionals can help you determine the size and shape that will work best for your company or brand.

37. How long do banners typically last?

The life expectancy of banners can vary. The life of your banner depends mainly on environmental conditions like wind, sun and precipitation. Speak to your local Sign Me Up Sign Shop for more information about whether a Banner is right for your business.

38. What is a vehicle-advertising wrap?

A vehicle-advertising wrap is a vinyl graphic applied directly to your vehicle’s original paint. A vehicle-advertising wrap will allow you to turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard. It’s also a great way to build awareness for your brand wherever you go. Records show that vehicle wrapping is one of the best ways to instantly get your message out to the consumer. It’s also one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business. Want to know more? Call 844-455-7446 and your nearest Sign Me Up Sign Shop will be happy to chat with you about the world of vehicle wrapping.

39. Can I customize my vehicle wrap with a brand logo or artwork?

Yes, of course! You can customize your vehicle wrap with all types of artwork, type, digitally printed graphics, brand logos and photos to advertise your business to anyone driving by.

40. Will a vehicle wrap damage my car’s paint job?

Absolutely not. Wrapping your vehicle will not damage the paint. Our car wrapping vinyl is specifically designed to adjust to the contours of your vehicle. If you ever want to remove the wrap from your vehicle, bring your vehicle to a Sign Me Up Sign Shop and we will have our experts remove the wrap for you and get you your vehicle back to you in the quickest time possible.

41. How long does a vehicle advertising wrap typically last?

Sign Me Up vehicle wraps typically last about 2-3 years on your vehicle, depending on the weather conditions, treatment, and care. Visit your local Sign Me Up shop to learn more about vehicle advertising wraps.

42. How are vehicle-advertising wraps removed? Can I remove it myself?

Vehicle wraps should always be both applied and removed by professionals. The removal process won’t damage your vehicle and will leave the original paint untouched and in the same condition as when your vehicle was first wrapped.

43. Will a wrap protect my vehicle?

A Vehicle wrap will protect your vehicle’s paint job in many cases from light dings and scratches. However it doesn’t prevent dents, or fender benders from happening.

44. Are advertising car wraps road legal?

You may want to check with your local municipalities and state laws before promoting your business using a vehicle-advertising wrap. Some states regulate rear-tinted windows and some cities regulate commercial advertisements on cars. You can also check with your local Sign Me Up Sign Shop if vehicle wraps are permitted in your area.

45. Can I run my vehicle through the car wash with the wrap on it?

Caring for your vehicle wrap is what will make it last longer. We suggest taking your vehicle to a hand car wash at least once a month. If you’re one of those types that likes to clean and wash your own car, you may consider buying a car wrap wash kit from your local Sign Me Up.

46. What do I do if my wrap gets damaged?

After your vehicle is repaired, you can have the damaged part(s) of your vehicle wrap replaced. In most cases, you will not need to have the entire car re-wrapped if the damage is to only one area of your vehicle. It is important to note though, taking your vehicle back to the original Sign Me Up store is the most crucial step because that wrap was printed on their machines, with their ink, on their vinyl and laminate. Taking your vehicle elsewhere to be repaired may make the wrap come out looking different and having the colors not match.

47. Can Sign Me Up create websites?

Yes, we can create a website for you. We believe in the power of having a website to complete your brand structure. The days of companies not having a website are over. Almost every company needs to be found online so we decided to take the website industry by storm. We offer different website packages that you can choose from. We have taken the normally very high cost of having a website built and re-thought a new approach. We now break down each of our packages into a small monthly payment that includes everything you will need to get your website on the internet. Whether you’re a contractor, a salesman, a consultant or a restaurateur, we have a package and site waiting for you. Speak to your local Sign Me Up professional today!

48. Can you help with graphic design?

Yes, we can absolutely help with graphic design. Each Sign Me Up Sign Shop employs a graphic design expert to provide any design help you may need. We can help with your sign needs, as well as graphic design for websites, social media ads, promotional apparel, trade show graphics, and much more.

49. What if I’m looking for graphic design work on a more consistent basis?

Each Sign Me Up Sign Shop offers a graphic designer package called “marketing in a box” where we offer our full extensive design services for an unlimited amount of designs and for an unlimited amount of projects for a low monthly fee. For more information on this, click on “marketing in a box” service.

50. Do I need a sign permit? If so, how do I go about getting one?

Most municipalities require you to have either a temporary or permanent sign permit. The process is different for each town and city. For more information on the proper way to obtain and procure your sign permit, call or visit your local Sign Me Up Sign Shop today.

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