Trade Show Giveaways

GiveawaysGiveaways promote loyalty to a brand, even something small. From wristbands to backpacks to koozies and sunglasses, brand them and give them away!

Want attendees of a trade show or your customers to keep thinking about you long after they’ve left? Give them a fun keepsake to remember you by! When potential customers receive a gift, even something small, they are much more inclined to become loyal, repeat customers! And your branding will last long past the trade show or exhibition where you conducted the giveaway.

Sign Me Up can provide your customers and clients with giveaways that can be displayed in all sorts of situations and at Sign Me Up, we can provide hundreds of unique, fun, and useful promotional giveaway items, from wristbands (one of our favorites!) to backpacks, calculators, pens, koozies, stress balls and sunglasses, all with your logo and name on them! Having a keepsake will remind your customers about who you are and is an ideal way to give you repeat business. Giveaways can also bring in new customers as your branding and logo will show up in all the places the give away items show up. And our options are almost endless! These items are available in any quantity and in many custom colors! Contact us today.

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