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Online local solutionsSign Me Up is proud to offer Online Local Solutions as a package for our customers. We feel the synergy between our printing and signage services alongside with this small business digital marketing package is a win-win for our customers.

The goal of this program is to increase awareness, foot traffic and sales to your store, restaurant, practice or business. Utilizing a mixture of social media, local maps, such as Google Maps, search engines as well as online review monitoring, this program has you covered!

For a monthly price less than a one half page advertisement in your weekly newspaper, your business will receive the following monthly services:

social mediaSocial Media Posting: You will work directly with a designer to create posts for your social media pages and handles. These posts can promote specials, sales, testimonials, services, etc.
Local Map & Directory Optimization: While Google Maps are the biggest and most well-known, what about Apple Maps, Bing or Yelp? Did you know that Apple’s Siri™ uses Yelp and Bing to answer voice questions? With this service you will be added and managed in over fifty-five different and unique directories. Our account managers work diligently to ensure that your businesses Name, Address and Phone number are the same on all listings. On a monthly basis we will continue to optimize your listing with items such as new pictures, specials, etc.Local SEO
Online advertisingOnline Advertising: A portion of your monthly price will be spent on local advertising. Depending on your business type and customer demographic we typically will use Facebook to reach prospective customers.
Online Review Monitoring and Management: Getting customers to leave reviews isn’t always the easiest. Thanking them and acknowledging positive or negative reviews is crucial to your online reputation. Leaving a dissatisfied customer or compliant unresolved will deter your future customers. Let us try and help you resolve and turn that one star to a five. It doesn’t always work, as customers and situations, are all different but the goal is to show responsiveness from your company or brand. Even the good ones should be review

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The biggest complaint business owners have is the inconsistency of their Name, Address and Phone Number (N.A.P.). Feel free to run your own report now by clicking the banner above to see the consistency of your NAP and how you compare to others in your area. It’s quick, it’s free and has no strings!

Local Search Tool Results
Results are generated in real time and can be printed out or forwarded to your email, for review at a later time. Remember, this is just one part in your journey, but a big one when it comes to showing up high in Google Maps or having Alexa suggesting your business over another.

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