Acrylic Standoff Signs

Acrylic Standoff Signs are a very attractive way to convey a message on the inside of your business. They are built using either a clear or colored acrylic, that “stands off the wall” using decorative standoffs. These signs give your logo a distinctive look. This gives the sign a three dimensional aesthetic that cant be missed. They can also give the appearance of glass or frosted glass but are far more durable. These signs can vary in size, shape, thickness and standoff depth. They’re custom built to your needs and wants.

Acrylic Standoff signs can convey almost any message you need to deliver to your customers, employees or both with a stylish flair that provides a rich, custom look and feel, at an affordable price. Sign Me Up’s Acrylic Standoff Signs are durable, and weather resistant if used outdoors. They’re professional looking and distinctive sign which provides a rich, custom look and feel, at an affordable price. We can make your business more attractive to customers and with signs that are also functional. Talk to Sign Me Up and we’ll work to design a sign that will get you noticed. All you have to do to transform your business is contact us today.

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